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The Wood Barrel Company
Water Butts
with brass tap & rainsaver options

oak barrel water butt
Photograph by Mark Dyball Photography.
  • Coopered on Tyneside, delivered nationwide.
  • Direct from the source.
  • Best quality barrels.
  • No delays.
  • Brass taps available.
  • Rainsavers available.
  • Free mainland UK delivery.
  • Large stocks.
  • Fast Delivery.

Our premium water butts are made from the best quality ex-distillery oak barrels. Unlike most of our competition we are not just an internet company, we have 20 years experience of making water butts at our own premises and international links for purchasing stock and materials.

Oak is a very durable material and is capable of withstanding the elements for decades. Our barrels are recycled having already served the whisky, sherry or both industries. Oak barrels each have their own intriguing individuality and are a beautiful product made from natural materials. Now you can have one in your garden for the practical purpose of collecting rainwater.
Options: Please check the boxes below for the option you require.
barrel sizes 45 Gallon Barrel - 45 gallons (200 litres), 35" (88 cm) high, 24" (60cm) to 25" (62cm) wide at £130.95 out of stock
56 Gallon Barrel - 56 gallons (250 litres), 37" (92 cm) high, 27" (68cm) to 29" (73cm) wide at £134.95
100 Gallon Barrel - 100 gallons (450 litres), 50" high (125 cm), 27" (68cm) to 36" (90cm) wide at £195.00
Dimensions and capacities are approximate.

Brass Tap
brass tap

Buy with a brass tap fitted at an additional £12.50

rainsaver rainsaver

This ingenious device provides an easy way to connect to a drainpipe. To fit one simply cut a small section out of the drainpipe at the correct height (height is important) and slot the rainsaver into the gap. The device directs water flow from the drainpipe to the barrel until the barrel is full. When the barrel is full further water is directed down the lower part of the drainpipe to drain. The direction of flow is automatic. Rainsavers fit standard 68mm diameter round and 65mm square section drainpipe.

Buy with a rainsaver fitted at an additional £16.00

Lift-Off Lid
lift-off lid
Fixed Lid
fixed barrel end

With a lift-off lid you can access the inside of the barrel by simply lifting off the loose lid. This means buckets can be ‘dunked’ inside barrel. Barrels do however keep better with a fixed end and fixed ends are safer where there are children. For fixed end water butts it is necessary to have a tap in order to access the rainwater stored in them.

Buy with a loose, lift-off lid at an additional £8.00

Drainpipe Notch
drainpipe notch

A drainpipe notch is a hole at the back of the barrel top. It provides a point at which a drainpipe or water from a drainpipe can enter the barrel. If you don’t purchase your barrel with a rainsaver option then you will need a notch. Notches can be cut into fixed barrel ends or lift-off lids.

Buy with a notched top for drainpipe entry at an additional £2.50

water butt stand

A stand gives extra height under your barrel tap making it easier to get watering cans etc. under the tap. It also lifts the barrel off the ground, keeping its lower steel hoop clear of the ground, which helps to prevent the hoop from corroding and also prevents the hoop from marking the pavement.

Buy with a stand at an additional £13.99

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