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The Wood Barrel Company

Barrel tables and stools are a robust, attractive and unusual. As pub tables they can be used to provide novel seating both indoors and outdoors in a beer garden. Our barrel tables are often used by bar fitters and interior designers to great effect in bars and restaurants.

40-gallon table and stools

Light Oak Tables & Stools

Light varnished barrels and stools are made from oak barrels and have been sanded and coated with clear varnish to create robust and unusual tables. One end of the barrel has also been stripped and varnished making a very attractive tabletop. The table shown in the photograph is a 40-gallon barrel and has an approx. diameter at the centre of 24" (60cm) and an approx. height of 35" (88cm). Great for pub tables.

rustic barrel tables

Rustic Tables & Stools

The table and stools shown here have a rustic finish with black hoops. The table in is of a smaller diameter than the light table shown above. The approx. diameter of tabletop is 21" (54cm) and the approx. height of table 36" (91cm). Approx. height of stools 24" (61cm).

rustic barrel table

Rustic Barrel Table

The robustness of solid oak combined with a rugged, rustic finish makes this table ideal for pubs to use inside or out. It fairs well to rough treatment and still looks good after knocks and scrapes. It is a good height to stand at and can be used for resting drinks on or even as a smoking table in a beer garden.

Approx. diameter at centre: 27" (68cm).
Approx. height: 37" (92cm).

Price at time of publication 129
Including mainland UK delivery.

smoking table

Rustic Smoking Table

The smoking table has been specifically designed for the pub trade. Following the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces this table has been introduced as a low cost table for use by smokers in an outdoor location. Based on an oak barrel the top has an oak disk at the centre, which can be used for standing glasses on. The area surrounding it is filled with sand and is intended for stubbing cigarettes. A permeable membrane beneath the sand allows rainwater to drain away through the barrel. Again the robustness of a rugged, solid oak barrel fairs well to rough treatment making it ideal for pub use.

Approx. diameter at centre: 27" (68cm).
Approx. height: 37" (92cm).

Price at time of publication 155
Including mainland UK delivery.

dark oak posing table

Dark Oak Furniture

This table is a hogshead barrel that has been sanded and stained with dark oak wood stain. The height is approx. 37" (92cm) and diameter at the centre is approx. 27" (68cm). The height of hogshead barrels makes them ideal for posing tables.

cleaned hogshead barrel

Cleaned Barrels

This hogshead barrel has been sanded and has black painted hoops. We supply barrels prepared like this so that the customer can finish the barrel with their preferred wood treatment.

Other table and stool sizes can be made to the customer's specification and finished as required. They are often supplied to bar fitters and interior designers sanded with black painted hoops, ready for wood treatment.

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