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The Wood Barrel Company
Large Oak Barrels

Our large oak barrels are genuine ex-distillery casks that have been used for maturing spirit such as whisky and bourbon. They are similar to wine and beer barrels and are ideal for use in theme attractions or to provide extra space for standing drinks in pubs. All barrel dimensions and capacities are approximate.
oak barrels

40-gallon Barrel

Approx. capacity 40-gallons (180 litres). Approx. 35" (88 cm) high, approx. diameter at middle 24" (60cm).


Hogshead Barrel

Approx. capacity 56-gallons (250 litres). Approx. 37" (92 cm) high, approx. diameter at middle 27" (68cm).


Butt Barrel

Approx. capacity 100-gallons (450 litres). Approx. 50" high (125 cm), approx. diameter at middle 36" (95cm).


port pipe barrel

Port Pipe Barrel

Tall, elegant oak barrel originally used for maturing port. Approx. 110 gallons in capacity, approx. 57" (142cm) high, 25" (63cm) across top, 36" (90cm) across centre.



Vat - 5 feet across

Large oak vats are ideal for making large dog kennels, kids play houses etc. Several hundred gallons capacity, approx. 55" (140cm) high, 54" (137cm) across top, 62" (160cm) across base.


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