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The Wood Barrel Company
Barrel Ends & Sections

shallow barrel ends

Shallow Barrel Ends

Shallow barrel ends are sliced from the end from a barrel and are only several inches deep. They are ideal for hanging on pub walls, especially behind the bar. As well as giving an authentic feel they may be sign written to advertise the ales available on the premises. Shallow barrel ends may be made to the customers specified dimensions and can be fitted with wooden barrel taps.

flat barrel ends

Flat Barrel Ends

These are the flat ends from the barrel. Again, they make attractive decor in pubs and bars. Some of our original barrel ends are stencilled with the distillers' name whereas others are plain and are suitable for sign writing. Most flat barrel ends are 21" in diameter but other sizes are available.

barrel sections for bar fronts etc


Cradles are sections from a barrel that are made by cutting along the length of the barrel. They can be used to stand against a wall to provide additional tabletop area or they can be used to decorate bar fronts for example. Are usually made to the customers specified dimensions.

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