Oak Casks & Barrel: Tables Ends Buckets Bins & Cabinets

for use in Pubs, Bars, Shops, on Film and Stage Sets

The Wood Barrel Company: Coopers of Traditional Oak Casks
- wooden by product but not wooden by nature -
wood barrels of all shapes and sizes pub decor barrel table

Wood barrels are available in used oak, new seasoned oak, chestnut and Tasmanian oak. They can be used for décor, product display, furniture and for film and theatre sets.

Tables, stools, small and large barrels or ends and sections provide excellent decor for bringing a sense of atmosphere and mystique to pubs, shops, museums and visitor attractions. They are particularly effective in Irish bars and retail displays.

Each barrel has individual mystique and intrigue. How was it made and how does it retain water? One of man's most important inventions skilled coopers have been making them for thousands of years. Each of our casks is an individual that has been hand coopered. Whether they have previously been wine or beer barrels or have been specially coopered by ourselves, re-using the original oak materials retains their olden charm.



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supplier of oak barrel products

Made from genuine ex-distillery barrels